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When we created this site, we wanted to offer naughty boys and girls a platform where they can indulge in some hardcore gaming directly in their browser. We know that we’re not the first and only site that offers this kind of content, but we perfected both the collection that we’re offering and the website on which you can enjoy it. First of all, we only selected new games for this collection, which were created using HTML5. And you won’t believe how many games were launched in the past couple of years. The developers outdid themselves recently. The HTML5 also comes with so many engines which allow for better graphics, amazing movement and also great sound that completes the realism of the action. And where there’s a big collection, you also get a lot of variety. Our library can be compared with the collections of any big sex tubes out there. That’s because we feature all the popular categories that you find on those sites, plus so many other rare kinks that are usually met only in the sex gaming world.

From a technical point of view, Adult PC Games is an ideal site for porn gaming. Because it’s pointless in having good games on a platform that doesn’t perform. We believe in total discretion when you’re enjoying adult entertainment. So, when you choose to game here, you won’t have to tell us who you are. We don’t make you register on our site, we don’t ask for your email, and the connection is protected by encrypted servers. Besides, we even opened up the community features through which you can interact with other players to anyone on the site. As long as you are 18 years old, you will have this whole site for yourself. Read more about it below!

All The New PC Sex Games Are Here

There are so many games in our collection that I don’t even know where to start talking about them. So, let’s start with the categories that are most popular. Well, like on your favorite sex tube where you’re watching porn movies, you will find lots of family fantasy sex games on our site. No matter if you are into moms, daughters, sisters or even hot aunties, we have games for you to satisfy all those incest urges. And the taboo content on our site will hit you on a more personal level. That’s because instead of just watching pretend incest in a movie, you will be part of it, through the main character of the game who has to seduce or gets to be seduced by their family members. Another popular kink on our site is about domination and humiliation. BDSM simulators have never been as realistic as the ones we have on Adult PC Games. You can play as a master or you can play as a dominatrix, and there are so many slaves who will suffer at your command. We even have male domination games in this collection, which are coming with CBT and pegging sessions.

Also populat on our site are the parody games. These will give you the chance to fuck all kinds of famous chicks an characters from movies, series, mainstream games or cartoons. At the same time, we also have anime parodies on the site, featuring all those wild kinks you usually find in hentai. Most of the games we have on our site are also customizable. You will be able to change so much about both your avatar and the chicks you’ll be fucking. And it’s not just chicks that you’ll fuck.

Queer Sex Games And Games For The Ladies

The adult gaming industry becomes more and more inclusive these days. The creators are putting out lots of gay sex games, but they’ve been doing that before too. However, what’s interesting is the category of lesbian porn games. In the past, the lesbian games were mostly for the guys. But these new games are designed for the ladies who are into ladies. You can play dating simulators and relationship experience games with lesbian couples on our site. Another category from the queer zone that becomes more popular these days is the trans one. More and more guys are getting into shemale fantasies, and our site can please them all. You can play games with trans-on-trans action, games with men and trans sex scenes, and even games in which the ladies are getting fucked by chicks with dicks. The solo trans games are also worth checking out.

We also launched a category of sex games for women on our site. We know that sex gaming sites are getting lots of visits from the ladies, but they leave quickly because there aren’t too many games for them. Well, we listened to what kind of games the ladies want to play and we included them in this category.

Play Sex Games For Free On Adult PC Games

Our site is free and it will always be free. We came up with ways through which we can both make money through advertising, but also making sure that you won’t be affected by the ads. You will never see a pop up on our site and we don’t interrupt your gaming sessions with video ads when the action gets interesting. Besides a couple of GIF banners and one video ad at the beginning of the game, you won’t see any ads on our site. So, start browsing our collection and find that sweet game which will make you cum tonight. We have the browsing tools that will help you do that with so much ease. You’ll find the right game in seconds and that’s also how long it will take from when you hit the play button until the thing is load up and ready to go. Enjoy!

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